THP-84 Nozomi Arimura – Super Heroine Crisis! Vol.84 Super Soldier Eleciman


The evil machine empire, the Gigas Empire, is planning to mechanize the human race into total slavery! Michiru Sakuragi, a.k.a. Fifth Pink, the super-soldier Eleciman, fights alone against the Gigas Empire in order to save her kidnapped friends. However, the leader, Dr. Zero, sends his hunter-gordo, which he created to hunt the electric particles that Eleciman and his friends wear, to drag them into the territory of the Gigas Empire! Pink is repeatedly pinned down in this solitary struggle, and yet she still manages to defeat him with her fighting spirit! But everything is in the hands of Dr. Zero… Deprived of the electric particle, Pink is now in the hands of Dr. Zero… Action after action! Pinch after pinch! The true superheroine is here!

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