THP-81 Haruka Kurano – Super Heroine Crisis! ! Vol.81 Ginga Tokussho Daytona Ranger – Daytona Yellow Violated


The Daytona Rangers finally capture Abdallah, the merchant of death, a class S criminal who is active in the galaxy. The Daytona Ranger attempts to transfer Abdallah to a galactic prison. However, Abdallah smiles wickedly and tells them that he has planted countless bombs in the metropolis of Neo-Tokyo. He threatens to detonate the bombs if they transfer him to the prison. Red leaves the place to dispose of the bombs, leaving Abdallah in Yellow’s care. Yellow heads for the galactic prison with Abdallah. At that moment, however, mercenary fighters appear to rescue Abdallah. Yellow finally misses Abdallah due to the onslaught of mercenary fighters who appear one after another. Yellow follows Abdallah to capture him again, but he does not realize that it is a trap to rob him of his Daytona license…. What will be the fate of Daytona Yellow?

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