TBW-23 Akari Niimura – Heroine Brainwashing Vol.23 Accel Girl


Exiled to Earth as a child, the Lamianium alien girl grew up to become the Accel Girl, a heroine of justice who kicked the evil out of Earth! It was thought that she no longer had any enemies after she overcame her only weakness, the light of lamian ore, through special training. However, Tyran Zeus, president of the giant Zeus Corporation, seized upon Axel Girl’s blind spot in overcoming her weakness and shook her spirit with headgear made of gorgon ore, which directly affects the psyche and arouses destructive impulses! The ore and Tiran’s words awaken the beast inside her! Uncontrollable destructive impulse… good or evil? Man or beast? Axel Girl’s mind and body lose control…

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