[TBB-99] Akari Niimura – Heroine Defeat Vol. 99: Beautiful Brave Mole Mask


Chisato Ayase is sent by the Secret Education Committee to expose the evil of the illegal Spartan school “Shijo Gakuen” and fights against the evil teachers as Moletsu Mask! The principals, suspecting Chisato Ayase of being Morretsu Mask, set a trap and subjected her to an electric shock chair. However, it was thanks to another member of the Secret Education Committee, Mouretsu Mask, that she was able to withstand the electric punishment. But the principals’ hunt for the Mole Mask did not end there. They sent their most talented snake charmer student, Gozan Snakeura… The snake-hating Mole Mask was coiled around the serpent, and the force of its constriction caused him to faint. And so begins the punishment to get information about the secret school board from the Mole Mask and expose its true identity! Hard whipping, being forced to wear a bikini of shame and having feather shurikens thrust into her, being put in an electric forced cast and electrocuted when she is defeated to the limit of her physical strength, pain in her secret parts by upside-down crucifixion, hibachi climbing stick torture, removing her mask when her spirit begins to collapse, and tormenting her again in an electric shock chair. After repeated incontinence and fainting spells, Moeretsu Mask becomes a cripple in the final attack….

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