TBB-98 Shiori Kuraki – Heroine Defeat Vol. 98 Spandexer Cosmo Angel: Robot Fortress Mecha Hell


MechaShogun, a household android developed by Dr. Otomo, an authority on robotics, assassinates Dr. Otomo and declares war on the human world. First, Mecha-Dutch, a housekeeper robot, is sold throughout Augustus, and succeeds in winning the trust of humans. Finally, Mecha-Shogun’s order to exterminate humans goes into effect, and the robots in Orguss begin their rebellion. First, they lure Spandexer, their natural enemy, to the robot factory, and then remotely control the machines in the facility to defeat Spandexer. Will Spandexer be able to stop the revolt of the machines that have turned into killing machines?

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