TBB-94 Love Saotome, Saku Kurosaki – Heroine Debate Vol.94 Bishojo Kamen Celistia 2: 10 Years Later Opty


A beautiful masked seristia girl fights to protect the town from evil. Her true identity is Kurumi Hino. Her older sister was once active as the beautiful masked Seristia, but her younger sister Kurumi has since taken over as the second generation. She married and became a housewife, but kept her activities as Bishojo Masked Seristia a secret from her husband, Seiji. One day, she came face to face with an evil woman who called herself Dunkelheit at the hideout of an enemy who had kidnapped her after a battle with the monster Aligeris. She was a dark entity born from Ceristia’s negative emotions, and was planning to take over Ceristia’s body. Ceristia, a beautiful masked girl, somehow manages to escape from Dunkelheidt’s severe torture, but….

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