TBB-93 Noa Kawanishi – Heroine Debate Vol. 93: Shippou Sentai Mach Ranger: Culinary Debate


Ayuko Yawata, aka Mach Pink, the reddest of the Mach Rangers, is defeated by Joe Cocker, the chief cook for the Bousou Army, which plans to destroy the earth. Mach Pink’s fit and fleshy body, which defeats the monster, and her intelligent and beautiful face, which fights healthily with a blush, were the perfect ingredients for the dish. If this female warrior is soaked in cooking extract and baked to a golden brown, the monsters will be happy to eat her… The noble female warrior, Ayuko Yawata, is about to face an unprecedented lonely battle. The cruel torment of culinary defeat makes her scream in agony!

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