TBB-92 Yuha Kiriyama – Heroine Defeat Vol. 92 Sailor Wenus, Beautiful Girl Suit


Sailor Wenus/Karen Kanazaki learns that her captured friends are to be sacrificed to the demon king’s resurrection, and she attempts to break into the enemy hideout by herself and recapture them. However, in her path, the demons she had defeated resurface one after another and attack Wenus. Wenus is outnumbered and taken prisoner, and is placed on a wooden horse, a torture device used to absorb energy at the hideout, and Wenus’ white leotard bites into its sharp edges. For the demons, the negative energy of the Sailor Knights’ agony of fear and pain is superb sustenance. Wenus, black and white in the eyes, struggles and becomes incontinent. He still tries his best to leave the scene and go to save his friends, but he is once again captured and crucified on a cross before the overwhelming power of the enemy.

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