TBB-90 Suzu Shiratori – Heroine Defeat Vol.90 Beautiful Masked Aurora


Dr. Busujima, a mad scientist who plans to have Aurora, a beautiful masked girl who has been given the power of God and protects the peace of the town, appear in a show to defeat a pervert club organized by the town’s rich, transforms Masa, the kidnapper, into a cyborg. Aurora’s special technique is one that affects the human mind. It doesn’t work on cyborgs! He torments her with a giant wrench, a drill that chops away her magical powers, rendering Aurora incapable of magic! Aurora’s minions are so frustrated with her that even an earworm can cause her to suffer from a drug that makes her nerves hyper-sensitive! She appeals to her conscience in front of the perverts, but her arms are broken and her true identity is finally revealed!

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