RYOJ-25 Ameri Hoshi, Aine Kagura – Heroine’s Downfall Vol. 125 Bursting with Melpure! Two people torn apart


Gandor, an executive of the Nagrado clan, a family of demons that seeks to destroy the human world, summons the Four Heavenly Kings of Demonic Beasts from the demon world to defeat Pure Black and Pure White. Pure Black and Pure White appear to defeat Gandor. However, what they see in front of them is not Gandor, but two demons they have never seen before. Where is Gandor? Pure Black tells him. At that moment, Gandor suddenly appears, catching Melpure by surprise, and Pure White is taken away to another space. Pure Black is forced to fight alone. Pure Black, unable to display his true strength in the absence of Pure White, is gradually driven into a corner. Pure White, who was taken away to another world, also fights against demons in the absence of Pure Black… Pure Black fights valiantly to save Pure White, but his soft skin is cut off by the demons…. Pure White is also overtaken by the demons. What will be the fate of the two Melpures?

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