RYOJ-23 Yuha Kiriyama – Heroine’s Downfall Vol.123 – Chosentai Shield Five: Shield Pink Aimed at! Gatheen’s Terror – The Dokata Monster


Red, Blue, and Pink rush to the site after receiving information about the hideout of the evil organization Nightmare. While engaging in battle with the fighters at the hideout, the three discover a hostage man being held by the Nightmare. The hostage is taken away… Red and his men chase after him. However, the fighters appear one after another, blocking the way of the three men. I’ll take care of this! Blue and Pink, take care of the hostages! Blue and Pink leave Red behind and proceed further in order to save the hostages. However, more fighters appear. Blue, like Red, has no choice but to leave the hostages in Pink’s hands and engage the fighters. Pink, who has been chasing the hostages and has gone deep into the hideout by herself, defeats the fighters and finally rescues the hostages. Pink speaks softly to the hostage, saying, “It’s all right now. But the hostage smiles wryly and mutters, “I’ve been waiting for you to be alone…” The hostage man suddenly attacks Pink. Then, the hostage man suddenly attacks Pink, and with an ominous aura, transforms into Gatheen, a smug monster. Yes, this was a trap to get Pink to leave him alone! Pink is forced to fight alone… Pink defeats the fighters with her pink ribbon, but is overwhelmed by the muscle power that Gatheen, a smash-and-grab monster, has developed in the field, and she is in big trouble! Will Shield Pink be able to escape from the clutches of Gatheen the monster?

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