HTB-02 Arisu Otsu – Heroine Defeat Vol. 102 – Cheeky Heroine Completely Defeated by a Disrespectful Enemy! ~Heroine Defeat Vol. 102


Power Woman” is a righteous heroine who is overconfident in her own strength. She confidently defeats one after another the bad guys who appear today. Many in the National Defense Forces, who until Power Woman’s appearance had been revered as heroes and protectors of the country, do not like the existence of this heroine of justice. A scientist from the Wehrmacht appears before Grainne, the leader of the evil organization Darkus, with an ore that is Power Woman’s only weakness. He asks her to use the ore to defeat Power Woman. With their interests aligned, Grain receives the ore and sets out to eliminate Power Woman. Power Woman appears before the villain as usual, unaware of this. Power Woman confidently overpowers the monster, but…

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