GIGP-17 Rei Hanamiya – 【G1】The Strongest Robot Monster Reactivates Heroine Assault Power Woman


After a fierce battle with Giger Death, the strongest robot monster that has laid waste to and buried numerous superheroines, Power Woman is victorious! But the mad scientist Dr. Reigns had already completed an updated Giger Death 2.0! Amazing durability against Power Woman’s attacks! Overwhelming horsepower! She can even win an aerial battle, carrying her own weight and knocking her to the ground! Dr. Reigns watched remotely from his drone as his terrifying drill dick was screwed into the resisting Power Woman’s secret passage, and he let out a high pitched laugh. No matter how many times she gets screwed over, her fighting spirit remains! But, while she was looking for the slightest chance to win, Gigades was even better equipped than she was! And when Power Woman reaches Dr. Reigns and fires her beam, she seems to have won…

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