GIGP-18 Tsukino Okawa, Hotaru Mori, Naoko Oosako – 【G1】Lick Lick Tickle Lesbian Hell Wonder Lady VS Witch Tickles & Monster Namenba


Wonder Lady uses the demon Namemba, which attacks women and licks them to suck out their sperm, as bait to lure it away, but her nemesis, the witch Tickles, causes Namemba to escape. Namemba appears before Wonder Lady again, powered up by Ticurus, and attacks her together with Ticurus. Namember’s new weapon, a long tongue, is wrapped around Wonder Lady, robbing her of her physical power and defeating her. Tickles has warped feelings for Wonder Lady, and Namemba sees her as the ultimate bait. The two evil women tickle, lick, devour, and torment the Wonder Lady’s beautiful body. What is the fate of the Wonder Lady, covered in sweat and drool and writhing in agony?

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