GIGP-19 Misato Nonomiya – 【G1】Sexy Masks: Seven Perverts


Vital and Kimaris, two sisters who are female executives of the Bedlam Empire and plot to conquer the world, plan to take the rival Raiser 3 squadron, Raikou Sensou 3, captive. First, they try to seduce Red, the leader of Riser 3, and take him out when he is caught off guard, but Red is a hard man and sees through the ruse, and Kimaris is taken prisoner. However, Kimaris drops Yellow, his interrogator, with a color trick, and infiltrates the Riser 3 base. Meanwhile, Vital also encounters Blue, who successfully seduces him and takes him captive using his own body. Vital and Chimaris use Blue and Yellow to lure Red into a trap. Finally, Vital and Chimaris drop the iron-willed Red into a hell of pleasure… Hiroko Iwasaki is a female teacher at Shuten Academy. Unbeknownst to her, she has transformed into the Sexy Mask and is trying to bring back love and freedom to the school. The principal is threatened by the Sexy Mask and decides to send a terrifying assassin. The ultimate perverts imprisoned in the school’s detention center are called together to form the “Seven Perverts,” a unit of perverts, and challenge the Sexy Mask to a final battle. An eye for an eye… a pervert for a pervert… Now! The ultimate pervert war begins!

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