GIGP-20 Rika Aimi – 【G1】The target is Mach Pink. Shippou Sentai Mach Ranger.


Mach Ranger’s top recruit, Mach Pink Aimi Sakura, helped destroy the evil organization Deathrain…. Since then, peace has returned to the world, and her battle has been a simple task of wiping out the remnants of the evil organization. And so it was supposed to be today… A fighter appears who has been strengthened to the strongest level by a physical enhancement system that has been secretly developed. Revenge for the defeat of their friends by Mach Pink has begun! Twisted down by overwhelming power, none of her techniques work, and the enhanced fighter’s tactics only cause agonizing pain to Mach Pink Aimi Sakura. The sexual desire of the enhanced fighters was also unusually strong. Mach Pink was made to fall into a series of sexual orgasms, and was made to fall into a state of recklessness. Her fate after repeated white-eye defeat and fainting, and crucifixion…!

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