MNFC-18 Ko Asumi – HEROINE Fallen Club 18 Sailor Aqua Shame Training


Sailor Aqua searches for her missing companion…Sailor Mint. At that time, a low-class demon from Deathclom appears. Sailor Aqua analyzes the demon’s combat power… “98% chance of victory! Sailor Aqua fights the demons by herself. Sailor Aqua overwhelms the lower class demons, but then Zodiark, a DeathCrom executive, appears with a tremendous demonic energy. Sailor Aqua becomes impatient. Then, the low-level demons also explode with demonic energy, and suddenly appear! She’s a stupid woman! You should have called your friends instead of fighting alone!” Sailor Aqua fights bravely, but the demons take her away… Sailor Aqua, angered at the mention of Sailor Mint’s name, rises to her feet, her body in tatters. What have you done to Sailor Mint? Answer me! Sailor Aqua fights again to save Sailor Mint… but…

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