JMSZ-99 Yui Misaki – Married Heroine Defeated -> Fallen into obscurity! -Miss Infinity – Karma that has struck from the past!


Years after Marshall Heat won the battle against the evil secret society: the Karma Empire, Marshall Red and Miss Infinity-/incapacitating Sayla were married and beginning a peaceful life. However, in the past battles, Miss Infinity- had a habit that she could not tell anyone. She has been suppressing this proclivity of hers ever since she got married, but at last, even Marshall Red is unable to satisfy her need for it. In the midst of this depressing life, the demonic hand of the mysterious warrior Marshall Karma, who suddenly appears, falls once again into Miss Infinity-‘s clutches…. Who is this Karma who has completely grasped her proclivities and weaknesses? And what will be Miss Infinity’s fate?

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