JMSZ-93 Ai Kawana, Mary Tachibana – Accel Girl -The Witch’s Revenge


Many years have passed since the battle with the witch Dora’s gang, and Mina, the daughter of the former Axel Girl, has inherited the power and is fighting villains every day. Meanwhile, Dora the Witch’s daughter, Saara, has targeted Mina as her mother’s enemy and awaits her chance for revenge… Mina has the upper hand in her fight against the enhanced form of Garkong, which once tormented Accel Girl, but a hit shakes her brain and she collapses! She is then blown away by Gal Kong’s monstrous power, and is defeated before her monstrous strength! When she wakes up, Sarla appears before her and tells her the secret of Axel Girl… it is that “the more you feel, the more you lose power”… Saara, who wants to take revenge, makes Axel Girl feel thoroughly, and Axel Girl, who endures. Which side will win the battle between mother and daughter for two generations?

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