JMSZ-88 Azusa Misaki – The heroine is made to want to die by the man who hates her so much he wants to kill her.


Mai Shindo, the pink Daytona Ranger, confronts Hades, the leader of the Gerhardt crime syndicate. Just as Mai is about to finally settle her fate in front of Hades, the hated enemy who took the lives of her parents, her lover is captured by Hades and his gang! Mai, not wanting to lose her parents and the love of her life, does as Hades demands, and when she untransforms herself, she is raped without resistance, and despite her heart, she reaches a climax with a squirt. Mai is raped by a man she hates so much that she wants to kill him, but the pleasure imprinted on her body burns more brightly than the hatred, and she responds to Hades’ call by wearing flashy underwear. She even keeps a rotor in her crotch while her friends fight…. Hate…but more than that…two conflicting emotions. But before long, they are turned to pleasure, and she continues to be made to cum over and over again until she wants to die…

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