JMSZ-82 Momo Haduki – Heroine Despair – Evil Fallen – S Awakening Beautiful young girl warrior Sailor Ares


Sailor heroines fight demons everyday to protect people. The demon Jean sends lower level demons to a factory in search of Antroxin, a drug that demonically awakens female sexual desire in Sailor Heroine. However, Sailor Ares catches the demon reaction and destroys the lower demons at the factory! But then she inhaled the vaporized Antroxin. Jean takes the factory workers hostage and, unable to hide her sexual arousal, she falls in front of them as if to show them Sailor Ares, whose energy is fading, and they, intrigued by Jean, attack Sailor Ares! The workers, who have always had a longing and inferiority complex for Ares, go to the limits of their sexual desires…. Ares is corrupted by the people she is supposed to protect, and she is defeated by the power of hatred, the whispers of the other self inside her and Jean, and falls into the dark Ares clad in a jet-black robe! She is a sadist, and she torments the workers and even spits out her sexual desires to Jean!

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