JMSZ-81 Miho Tono – Sexy Heroine Shadowcat Sealed Weapon


The thief, Shadowcat, steals the jewel in order to seal the demon in it. But the demon has set a trap! By activating the sprinklers, he exploits Shadowcat’s weakness to water! Moreover, the water contained a large amount of “devil’s saliva,” which makes women sensitive to all kinds of things! The next day, Ai goes to work as usual as an instructor, but a man possessed by a demon makes her feel his sensitive body and rapes her while she is wearing spats. Humiliated and determined to seal her fate, Ai heads back to the mansion that night in the form of Shadowcat, but she feels it during the fight and loses her strength! Ai’s usual sexy attacks are not enough and she is defeated by the bouncers. More humiliation awaits her…

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