HTB-03 Sara Kagami – Heroine Defeat Vol. 103 Beautiful Young Girl Warrior Sailor Mene


Sailor Mene, who continues to fight demons, is cornered in a battle with a mysterious plant demon, and her limbs are entangled in ivy! Sailor Mene is hurt by the cactus-like sharp thorny hands and ivy whip, and transforms into Super Sailor Mene, who draws all her power! But as the ivy restraints and rose attacks drain her energy little by little, the cactus bat destroys her prized wings? Super Sailor Mene was targeted by Neptis, the king of plants in the form of a giant insectivorous plant, to capture its power. Bitten on her beautiful legs by a large flycatcher and her wings eaten away, Super Sailor Mene is finally dragged away by Nepenthes…

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