HTB-01 Hisui Matsumiya- Heroine Defeat Vol. 101 Special Search and Rescue Unit Cell Warrior


Mizuki Takayama, a member of Cellwarrior, is captured by cyborgs who stand in her way during a terrorist investigation. After enduring intense torture, Mizuki transforms into Selreine and defeats the cyborg terrorists! However, she is suddenly attacked from behind by a giant mechanical tentacle, and is beaten to a pulp! Damage exceeding the cell suit’s durability value causes a part of the helmet to be released, and Serlaine’s body is further constricted, causing her to pass out from the electric shock…. Serlaine’s cell suit is damaged by the intense drilling! Once she tries to escape, she is captured again by giant mechanical tentacles, and more torture awaits her! The mastermind of the plot, Gilbrain, a computer that protects the harmony of the world, is planning to create a pseudo-human race in place of humans by learning negative emotions from Serlaine, a suitable model for it! Will Serlaine be able to prevent Gilbrain’s terrible plot? Will the battle between mankind and artificial intelligence come to an end?

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