GRET-37 Mitsuha Sakurada, Kanami Miura – Giant Heroine (R) Hyper Mommy 4: The Reign of Devil Mommy, the Strong Enemy


Hyper Mummy, a messenger of love and peace from the Galaxy 78 Nebula, was fighting day and night against the monsters that threatened the Earth’s civilization. One day, Kirura, the Princess of the Black Demon Nebula, appeared to take the Hyper Mummy’s power and rule the universe. Anna Yuuki, a member of the Hyper Squad, is brainwashed by Kirra before she transforms, and her sexuality is subverted and her energy absorbed. However, she uses her remaining strength to transform into the Hyper Mummy and take on the monster! However, even after Hyper Mummy finally defeats the monster, its powerful enemy Devil Mummy reigns supreme. Devereux Mamy’s overwhelming strength defeats Hyper Mommy, and it is sexually violated and plunged to the ground. What is the fate of Hyper Mummy?

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