GRET-36 Rei Hanamiya, Monami Takarada – Giant Heroine (R) Hyper Mummy 3: Targeted W Hyper Mummy


Hyper Mammy was once brainwashed by the Spellmen aliens to fall into evil and begin destroying the earth. When she was human, she acted as Mana Mikumo of the Hyper Guard. In order to save her, Hyper Mammy, who had entered the earth by borrowing the body of Anna Yuuki, also a member of the security force, goes to rescue Dark Mammy, the Hyper Mammy who has fallen into evil. The original Hyper Mommy confronts Dark Mommy to break her brainwashing. The original Hyper Mummy enters Dark Mummy’s mind and manages to break the brainwashing, but the Spellmen aliens, who swear revenge, come back to earth with their comrade Spartan aliens….

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