GHOV-56 Mitsuha Higuchi – Science Special Forces Bird Soldier Aimed Bird White


One of the Bird Soldiers, Rei Shiraishi aka Bird White, continues to fight against the evil organization Galation. After fighting and defeating Bard Katze, the female leader who is after her, Bird White is taken away to a hideout. What awaited her there was a severe torture of electric shocks and whips. Bard Katze, determined to take over White’s resistance, bites her with his fangs, sucking her energy and dismantling her transformation. He then sucked on Rei’s naked body. No matter how hard she was shaken, Rei’s heart remained unbroken, and she took advantage of the opportunity to escape. However, she is taken hostage and goes alone to Baldkatze. She struggles to defeat the three monsters that attack her, but… more horror befalls Bird White.

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