GHOV-49 Kurumi Tamaki – Etrian, a beautiful girl heroine with good manners.


Miyuki Yamano was given the mission to protect the peace of the earth by the god of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, and as an Etrian, she fought against monsters on a daily basis. Her adversary, Kekenekotayu, out of long-standing resentment at being excluded from the twelve zodiac signs, challenges the twelve zodiac gods and their followers, the Etorians, and plots an opportunity to strike back. One day, Kagenekotayu succeeds in resurrecting the legendary Mya- and Nyan-forms, gods of destruction. Kagenekotayu takes them with him and plans to overthrow the Etorians. The power of the two legendary gods of destruction was overwhelming. Etrian is ruthlessly and unceremoniously subjected to the one-sided violence of destruction and collapses. Etrian is taken away and turned into a plaything for the sole purpose of avenging Kenekotayu’s grudge…

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