GHOV-46 Nagi Mamiya, Yukari Shizuki – Beautiful Sailor Water Hermes & Pure Hearted Warrior Princess Angel Blazer – Beautiful girl warrior who fell into the trap of her love rival.


Aoi Mizuki, aka Sailor Water Hermes, and Akira Shindo, aka Armani Mask, feel a brief moment of peace after defeating a demon, and meet Angel Blazer Shinon Amami, who fights an enemy called the Demon Crazy Beast. Seeing this beautiful and strong female warrior, Aoi Mizuki becomes jealous and Akira Shindo is fascinated…. From that moment on, the battle between Sailor Water Hermes Aoi Mizuki and Angel Blazer Shingon Amami began. Shin Michiaki, the Armani Mask, tries to stop their fight over him, but it is easy for Gloizer, the leader of the Demon Crazy Tribe, to take advantage of the opening in his heart. After successfully capturing Sailor Water Hermes and Angel Blazer, the pure-hearted Warrior Princess, General Gloizer had them both fallen into a hell of sex and orgasmic pleasure, and then he would execute one of them and make the other his servant. And then, one of them will be executed and one of them will be his servant…!

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