GHOV-43 Natsuki Takeuchi – Beautiful young girl warrior Sailor Dius


Goozy, one of the Night Empire’s seven demons, has set his sights on Sailor Dius, one of the Sailor Heroines, to resurrect the sealed demons! Jun Namiki, a.k.a. Sailor Dius, enters a building to take shelter from the rain, only to be attacked by Gouzy and engage in battle! However, Sailor Dius, unable to exert her power due to the warding, is captured by Goozy, drugged with an aphrodisiac, and made a prey to her pleasures…. Sailor Dius is defiled by Guzy, and her power is taken from her! And finally, the sealed demon GARDOCK is resurrected! The ward is temporarily destroyed by Gurdock’s outburst, and Sailor Deus escapes, but the pleasure that has been etched into her body begins to tingle, and even she is unable to stop it.

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