GHOV-40 Hinako Mori – Heroine hunting beautiful young girl warrior Sailor Ares


Sailor Ares, who was one step away from the Night Empire’s demon Driver in a battle with him, was allowed to escape. The driver, though imperfect, creates a flesh doll named Caruonet from the souls he has collected, but because of his imperfection, he himself becomes Caruonet’s food…. Sailor Ares, a.k.a. Honoka Himura, comes to the forest in pursuit of the many disappearances, only to be attacked by a group of Caluonet that suddenly appear! She transforms and fights against the Caluonet, which bites her and steals her power, but no matter how she defeats them, new Caluonets attack her, so she flees through the forest…. But the caluonet grows with the power it stole from Sailor Ares, and with wisdom, it traps her and hunts her down! Gradually losing her power, Sailor Ares is finally defiled by Caluonet and her friends…

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