GHOV-35 Umi Oikawa – Zerun Monsters & Zerun Chairs vs. Super Heroines Detective Squad Secure Rangers


Mira Kanda, a.k.a. Secure #3, the red-hot red star of the Secure Rangers who crack down on vicious space criminals, is attacked by a trio of unidentified monsters who appear out of nowhere! The three adulterous monsters – Zuccon, who boasts of his strength, Perolee, who boasts of his speed, and their knowledgeable leader Sawar – are on a wandering journey to rape women who have strong bodies to satisfy their sexual desires. Secure #3 climaxes repeatedly as her sexual sensations are heightened by the lewd fluids soaked into her body by being licked by Pelory, who moves at super speed! And when he ends up being fucked by Zuccon’s horns, the immensely horny monsters leave in search of their next prey…. There can be no other victims! With a desperate thought, he transformed into Hyper Secure No. 3, which was undergoing testing, and hunted down the monsters…

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