GHOV-33 Miduki Yayoi – Foreskin superhero Canton man vs. magical beautiful young girl warrior Fontaine – Canton man with a kind heart and a stench of justice.


In order to punish the bad guys who threaten the peace in her neighborhood, Fontaine, a magical beautiful young girl warrior, goes to a certain continent where the headquarters of the bad guys are located. There, she encounters a suspicious-looking figure…Canton Man (actually a friend of justice). Seeing Canton Man punishing the owner of a ramen store (who is actually a bad guy) with his stench, Fontaine mistakenly believes that he is one of the bad guys who threaten the peace in the neighborhood and begins to fight. He begins to fight. “You’ve got it wrong! I am on the side of justice! Cantonman insists. But Fontaine, who is completely misunderstood and refuses to listen to him, says, “What kind of a stinking friend of justice are you! Fontaine says, “What kind of a righteous man stinks like you! The cantonment man is shocked. Later, Fontaine learns that Canton Man is a friend of justice and that he was right, and he regrets his comment. Fontaine thinks he will apologize the next time he sees him, but Canton Man’s mind is turned upside down by the evil boss… What will be the fate of Canton Man…and Fontaine?

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