GHOV-26 Hono Wakamiya, Mizuki Amane, Kasumi Yamaguchi – Operation Annihilate Heroine Rangers Jewel Pink Seinin White Liger Dolphin


The Kikkou Empire of Kirchka was in the midst of its final battle against the Earth’s three righteous warriors, the Shadow God Squadron, the Seiho Squadron, and the Strong Beast Squadron. Prince Urd, the commander, sends the strongest warriors of the executive class to the female warriors of each squadron in order to annihilate all three squadrons at once. The heroine warriors fell into a pinch. Finally, Seinin White, Jewel Pink, and Raigadolphin were brought together, but they fell into a trap, and the blades of the Kirtika Legion were turned on them to eliminate them all at once, as planned! Can the girls protect the earth in the face of the various dangers the monster cadres have in store for them?

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