GHOV-24 Yui Tenma, Runa Shimotsuki – Female executive, beautiful boy hero pet project, Meteor Boy and Nibelung


Nao is a superhero, Meteor Boy, fighting against the evil organization, Bugner. One day, he confronts Nibelung, the female leader of the Bugner organization, but he is given short shrift and suffers a painful defeat. While Nao returns to the lab to treat his wounds, a woman named Leila is dispatched as a new member of the medical staff. She looks exactly like Rei, a woman Nao had admired since childhood. Nao is nervous because she reminds him of Leila. The next day, Nao masturbates to Leila’s underwear, which Leila had left behind. The next day, Leila finds out that he masturbated, and Nao gets impatient. However, Leila gently hugs Nao and invites her to do more. Nao follows Leila’s invitation. But Leila turns out to be the Nibelung, a female executive! It was all a trap by the Nibelungs to make Meteor Boy their pet. Nao is humiliated, her memories are tainted, and she is furious, but she is not an enemy of the Nibelungs. The Nibelung attacks Nao in her desperation with his luscious and lewd techniques. And in the end…!

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