GHOV-23 Mitsuha Higuchi, Ayaka Hirosaki, Hana Kano – Heroine Tickling Omnibus, Science Special Forces Bird Soldier


Rei Shiraishi, aka Bird White, a member of the Bird Soldiers, is interrogated by Reza Katze, a female leader of an evil organization, with intense pain and pleasure, but she refuses to give in and endures. However, she is discovered to be vulnerable to tickling. Reza Akadze, who knows her weakness, tickles White in various ways, such as tickle gas attacks, relentless tickling during battles, tickling Rei while she is undercover and restrained to her bed all day, and holding Yellow hostage and forcing her to expose her armpits. And then, White was waiting for him. White’s captors were then subjected to further tickling and torture by lesbian Katze and the enemy’s fallen Yellow. Can White withstand the tickling?

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