GHOV-08 Sara Uruki – Bishojo Senshi Sailor Freesia – Demon World Tentacle Crucifixion Acme Trap of Falling Hell


Sailor Freesia, the orange goddess beauty warrior, falls into the trap of demons during a battle. There, in the graveyard of the demon world, the voracious tentacles, smelling the scent of young females, attack Sailor Freesia’s well-developed body mercilessly. Tentacles invade her delicate genitals and mouth! Sailor Freesia, screaming in agony, barely escapes from the demon graveyard, but the demon king Zor Arc falls in lust with the weakened Sailor Freesia. Then, she is dropped back into the graveyard of the demon world where tentacles are wriggling, and she feels continuous orgasms until she dies…

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