GHOV-07 Tsukino Okawa – Chosentai Shield Five – Brand of Heroine Disqualification


Miko Momose a.k.a. Shield Pink, a member of the Super Squadron Shield Five and the only one in red who fights against the evil organization Dead Dark, takes on her enemies alone to prove that she can fight on equal terms with the men, and ends up trapped inside a world of dark picture books. Unable to count on the help of her friends, Miko fights alone and helpless against Trimazoo, and is wounded to the bone as her body is battered and deprived of energy. She is almost burnt to a crisp, but she manages to escape with all her strength. However, the cost is high: Miko’s strength is exhausted, and her body is played with by Graluna, an executive of the Dead Dark. What is Miko’s fate?

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