GHOV-04 Hana Tsukishima, Kyouka Suzune – Giant Heroine (R) Tentacle Fall Sophilia


Sailor Elias and Sailor Flare are lured into a monster trap! The two transform and fight the demons, but something is wrong with Sailor Elias…? Impatient Sailor Flare discovers that Sailor Elias’ arm has turned into a tentacle and she has been implanted with the demon’s tentacle seed. Sailor Flare’s sexual zones are stimulated by the tentacles…. She suffers from continuous climaxes, but friendship awakens Sailor Elias. However, Sailor Elias is sucked up by the tentacle demon and digested in her stomach. How dare you! Sailor Elias!” Sailor Flare’s anger exploded, but the demon that had absorbed Sailor Elias’ nutrients was strong. Sailor Flare was also swallowed whole by the demons… Sailor Elias and Sailor Flare suffer humiliation and shame as the demons sexually assault them, and then they are digested and dissolved inside the demons’ bodies! The hell of the Sailor Heroines will continue forever….

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