GHOV-02 Suwan Shiratori – Bishojo Mask Aurora Swan


Yuna has transformed into the beautiful masked Aurora many times with the holy power given to her by God, and has protected the safety and peace of the city from demons…. However, her secret is not to be known to anyone. Aurora’s brilliant battle explodes in order to exterminate the demons that appear in front of Yuna as she pursues the mystery of the serial disappearance of beautiful women in this town. As she is about to purify the demon, a civilian woman is captured and taken hostage by the demon, and Aurora is prevented from fighting. The demon attacks Aurora, stuns her, and takes her away to the demon world to offer her to the demon king…. Aurora, a beautiful masked girl, repays the grudge she has borne by sexually assaulting the young and developing body of the demon. Her face through the mask is flushed with excitement, and her sweet and sour breath leaks out. Aurora tries to hold on to her spirit with patience and endurance, but her body and spirit collapse. Her resistance is in vain, and the demon’s semen flows out of her pubic region….

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