GHNU-98 Tsumugi Narita- Subordinate Heroine: Female Space Special Agent Amie, who can’t stay away from the evil sex hero.


Amie, a female space special agent, fights alone in place of Sharigan, a space special agent in training after being defeated by a monster from the evil Kuuma crime syndicate. However, the Kuuma monster who defeated Sharigan appears. Amie fights valiantly, but the monster puts her in a pinch… Amie tries to ask Sharrigan for support, but he refuses to do so because he does not want to interfere with Sharrigan’s training. Without Sharrigan’s help, Amie is attacked by the monster… A man watches from the shadows. That man is Sharrigan, who is supposed to be in the middle of training. Sharrigan pretended to be defeated by the monster on purpose so that he could see Amie in trouble! Unaware of this, Amie fights bravely for Sharigan’s sake, but… Amie is now a captive. Kumah asks Amie for Sharrigan’s whereabouts…. Sharrigan pretends to be a fighter… What will be the fate of Amie, the Space Specialist?

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