GHNU-94 Yui Tenma – Masked Beautiful Saint Warrior Eclipse Fall


Yurika Hoshimiya, a female teacher, fights as Eclipse, a masked beautiful saint warrior, to seal out the demons. One day, one of her students is attacked by the demon Kreis. Eclipse goes to the rescue, and though she struggles, she rescues her student, but Kreis escapes. She must exterminate it before it takes another victim… She meets Hayashi, a fellow teacher who also wants her students to be safe, but is attacked by Kreis. Yurika is unable to transform in front of Hayashi, and is beaten up. She transforms while Hayashi is unconscious, but the accumulated damage is too much, and she is further hurt and raped. Still refusing to give up, Eclipse seems to have defeated Kreis with a desperate blow, but then Kreis takes over Hayashi’s body in a despicable way! Eclipse can’t let Hayashi’s body be harmed…what will be the fate of Eclipse who can’t fight!

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