GHNU-91 Akari Niimura – Wonder Lady Group Full Bokko – Wonder Lady who succumbed to the power of numbers


The cornered leaders are finally defeated by the beautiful Wonder Lady, and the evil organization is destroyed…. The fighters, with a little hope, have a plan to avenge Wonder Lady’s death! The plan was to take advantage of the Wonder Lady’s off-duty day, and while the other heroes were fighting the battle robots, they would finish off the Wonder Lady with only the few combatants they had. I’m going to beat the Wonder Lady to a pulp! The plan was a great success as the fighters united their hearts and minds. I thought we couldn’t beat you even if we were all together?” The weakened Wonderlady is sexually assaulted while being beaten to a pulp! The licking and licking hell leads to mass incontinence, the blowjob leads to a series of mouth-fuckings, and multiple combatants repeatedly ejaculate inside her in rapid succession! At last, Wonder Lady’s spirit and body collapse and she is left to die…

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