GHNU-79 Yui Tenma, Hana Kano – Pink begs for his life, Red defeats Pink, rapes him, and executes him.


Miwa Momozawa protects world peace as Mana Pink, a member of the Mana Rangers. Her partner Mana Red, on the other hand, is a hero of justice, but he always looks at Pink with a lecherous eye, ignoring his duties. Even in battle with the enemy, he would stare at Mana Pink’s breasts and buttocks without regard, and the serious Pink honestly felt that Red was slowing her down as a member of the heroes. Pink, numb to the situation, strongly and coldly informs him that he is no longer a member of the team. Red is furious at her rejection and disappears, leaving Pink with feelings bordering on resentment. Pink feels responsible and goes alone to investigate the point where Red’s reaction ceased. Gerbera appears there and summons Red, who has abandoned his human body and become a monster. Pink believes that Red has been brainwashed and desperately calls out to him. However, she learns that Red has become a monster of his own volition in order to make him repent for what he has done, to twist his dignity, and to make him understand his own value and the value of a man. He beats Pink with his mighty strength, crushing her helmet, her breasts, and her womb in his grip. He promises to spare Pink’s life if she begs for forgiveness as he rapes her, and then he rapes her silently and selflessly. Seeing Pink beg for her life, Red’s desire for revenge is satisfied, and he concentrates all his strength into his fist, as if to say that he has no more use for her, and crushes her to death.

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