GHNU-78 Ameri Hoshi, Reira Fujii – The Seduction of the Black Fiend 15 We are Melpure!


Together, they are now without a foe! Mayo Kagemiya aka Pure Noir and Miki Mitsumune aka Pure Blanc! Pure Blanc was cornered to the brink of death by the witch Miix, but Pure Noir rescued her in the nick of time! The two succeeded in defeating Miix with their combined attack, but Miix cursed Noir and died, leaving her with a demonic ending…. After the battle, Mayo, who had been in love with Miki for a long time, kisses Miki, who is wounded in the battle. However, when Miki refuses her kiss, Mayo runs away from home, heartbroken. Then, Miku, who was supposed to have defeated her, appears in front of Mayo. Noir is angered by the fact that Miki has found out that she has been rejected by Noir. The fight becomes messy. He is then struck by Miix’s power and falls into darkness, transforming into the evil Dark Noir who lives according to his instincts… Dark Noir appears before Miki, who chases after him out of concern for Mayo, and manipulates the demon to fully enjoy her lips that have been transformed into pure blanc, before continuing to give her her first taste of pleasure over and over again…. However, the brilliance of Blanc’s belief in her true love for Noir caused Dark Noir to disappear and return to Midnight. Miki took the magical robe worn by Dark Noir and was tempted by the temptation to free herself and be honest….

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