GHNU-35 Narumi Natsuki, Aina Nagase, Love Saotome, Chihaya Uzuki – Youka-gumi Hero’s Downfall


The Yohka-gumi, an evil kunoichi army, is ordered by their chieftain, Zankage, to capture the righteous ninja, Zankage. The Yohka-gumi, a group of evil ninjas, were ordered by the chieftain to capture the Zankage. The Yohka-gumi, however, are not successful in their attempts to capture the Zankage, and they use the various bewitching ninjutsu (ninja techniques) they have mastered through rigorous training, in which they use poison in their bodily fluids. The Zankei endures the interrogation even as his body is played with and his dignity as a man is injured. Intense pleasure and torture attack him. What is Zankage’s fate?

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