GHNU-34 Ema Asahi, Kotori Shima – Tetsuwan beauty Dynauman: a big upset -> a big defeat in the end.


Having failed in her mission, Dyna-Woman was suddenly in big trouble, being blamed by the vicious monsters and suffering to the point of white eyes. And although she suffered in an electric hell and was interrogated about the location of the Amazonian country with an aphrodisiac confession drug, Dyna-Woman did not sell out her friends. However, she was forced to suck the filthy phallic cock of the evil General Bile deep into her throat and had it poured out with semen. It looked like the end for Dinawoman, but she seized the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime reversal! She uses the power of her anger to defeat the monsters and generals who toyed with her, but then Dark Woman, the goddess of evil, appears. Dark Woman was created with the DNA of Dyna-Woman, and she used the opposite of Dyna-Woman’s evil power to attack and torture her, and Dyna-Woman was again outnumbered and hurt, and in big trouble! And then the sexual assaults begin again, and Dyna-Woman is ultimately defeated…!

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