GHNU-30 Ren Usui – Non-transforming heroine Danger Pink Cathy Muramatsu Doughcat


Danger Pink (Kathy Muramatsu) was fighting as the red-hot star of the Danger Force. One day, a series of hit-and-run incidents occur. Danger Pink sets out to investigate the case, but it turns out that the mastermind behind the crime is Ego’s monster, Trucker! The monster, who can transform into any kind of car, disguises itself as a civilian car and tries to run over and kill civilians. Pink rescues the civilians in the nick of time, but her transformation bracelet malfunctions during the battle. Pink, who is not transformed into a trucker, is no match for the horsepower of the monster trucker, and is defeated and humiliated by the evil leader at the enemy’s hideout.

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