GHNU-29 Yui Tenma – Tentacle Crucifixion Hell 7: Masked Beautiful Saint Warrior Eclipse


Yurika Hoshimiya is an education intern college student as well as a masked beauty saint warrior named Eclipse, who fights evil with the power of ancient science and protects peace from the shadows. One day, after work, she received a message from Yuka, a senior teacher, inviting her to dinner, but the person in question has gone missing in the school. Mysterious monsters appear in front of Yurika as she searches for him, and a battle ensues. Asking for help, Professor Sakamoto changes and combines his leeches to evolve into the monster Yadamon. Biting tentacles entangle Eclipse and attempt to crucify it to Yadamorn’s body. Eclipse is trapped and unable to move as Yadamorn is transformed into a tentacle crucifix…

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