[GHNU-28] Suwan Shiratori, Kotori Shima – Beast Armor Dinovator – The strongest evil metal warrior reigns!


The “Dinovator”, a reinforced metal armor suit called “Dinovator Tector” created by combining the power of dinosaurs and the best of science, fights against the “Vionator”, a creature army that has begun invading the earth from a space-time limbo! Together with her friends Dinorex/Sota Kozaki and Dinotops/Masamori Kadohara, former ballerina Miho Tsubasa transforms into a Dinopteras and uses her physical abilities to fight to protect the earth. The witch Delguera separates Miho Tsubasa from her two companions and sets a trap for her when she is alone. She wanted to harvest her great energy and activate the metal creature “Rex-Alter”! And the mightiest of evil warriors was born! Dino-Rex and Dinotops are defeated in battle… and Dinopteras Tsubasa Miho is also destroyed in battle, and after her defeat, her beautiful, healthy, well-developed body is sexually subdued by Führer Kralbo. Miho Tsubasa is covered in despair and humiliation, and is captivated by sexual pleasure, and is left in a state of sexual orgasm….

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